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The main cell block, nicknamed "the bullpen," is located on the jail's top floor.

Standing L-R: Joe Powell (A&TT), Don Perry (A&TT), Bernard Jones (State Bev.), Homer Hathrock (State), Carl Wilson (State), William George McMullen (A&TT).

Siezed: Five 1,350 gallon stills, 5,400 gallons mash, 420 gallons moonshine.

The still…

Accompanying note: “Lamar 1932
Lamar William Sledge got a coconut cake for being the ugliest man in Jefferson County”

He was sheriff of Jefferson County from 1933-1934.

Accompanying note: “Lamar Sledge in his office in courthouse”

He was sheriff of Jefferson County from 1933-1934.

Graffiti drawn by inmates in Monticello's old jail

Pat Shepherd sits as a passenger in a wagon owned by the Southern Express Company. The sign on the building In the background says “Pecan Specialists, Jefferson Nursery”

Simmon’s Drugstore was located in downtown Monticello. The building late became the annex for Farmers and Merchants Bank.

Around three inches of snow fell in Jefferson County in 1958.

Snow outside Simmon’s Drugstore in downtown Monticello (The building later became an annex for Farmers and Merchants Bank.)
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